Fate / Zero ending theme “Memoria”

Interested to listen to a preview of the ending song of Fate / Zero ? The official website of the singer Eir Aoi has a streaming ad that showcases a sneak preview of the ending theme.

The ending theme single “Memoria” will be available in October 19 for retail in Japan.

Long before the coming of TV Anime series Fate/Zero in October, we have the ED (ending theme) of the series being confirmed. Performed by Eir Aoi (藍井エイル), the latest singer from SONY Music. If you say that she is lucky enough to have her debut song as an Anime ED which will more or less increase her popularity even before the release, I would like to ensure you how talent she is. It’s a bit difficult to tell whether a singer is good or bad before the release of her first single, luckily, we have a track that is actually performed by Eir as a bonus of the 6th volume of Risuani! (リスアニ!) from SONY MAGAZINES ANNEX No.536. The title of the track is アヴァロン・ブルー (Avalon Blue, I think). After listening to the first the first time, I fell in love with her voice. BARKS gives the comment that her ability to sing is surprising.

Folks who did not purchase the magazine, don’t be sad since Eir is so kind that she actually posted this track up to Nico Nico for a two minutes preview and you can listen to it here. It appears to me that Eir has already produced several tracks and they are up on Nico Nico, you can get a overview on her account.

Source, Official Website, Twitter, Offical Blog


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