Naruto is Coming to an End?

Every story has a beginning, and they also come to an end. Even more so in manga. Sometimes they are quick four volume series, and other times they can go on for 50+ volumes. Fullmetal Alchemist has already ended in Japan. As I’m reading these events that have been happening in the Fourth Great Shinobi War Arc of the current Naruto manga series. I can’t help but feel that Masashi Kishimoto is trying to wind down to a finale. This army the Shinobi Alliance is facing is made up of all the greatest ninjas who ever lived. After you end a war of this level, how could you possibly top that? In this war, the cast of Naruto is quite literally facing off with the ghosts of their past. In doing so, many are getting grand closure to much of their issues.

You can always tell when these stories still have more in them because the world has mysteries. Unanswered questions the readers may have. We have already learned the truth about the night Narutolost both his parents, the reason the Uchiha were massacred, and that Madara Uchiha had a hand in both events. Even answers to questions we didn’t even know we had are coming up. Such as withGaara’s mother, and the true fate of Shisui Uchiha. Naruto has merged his own body with the power of the Nine Tailed Demon Fox, the most powerful of the Tailed Beasts. He’s also gone on to unite all the waring factions of the Shinobi World behind him. He’s reached nearly every goal of his life, and it’s hard to imagine how Naruto could be more overpowered in this state. Naturally, there is still the final battle between Naruto and Sasuke, but what could happen after that?.

The only real x factor I can see right now is with Kabuto and those secret bodies he showed Madara that had him so worried. He’s merged his body with the remains ofOrochimaru, but I just can’t see him turning into a bigger threat over Madara. I’m not saying the series will be ending in the next year or two. I just can’t help feel as if it’s certainly on the near horizon.

There are other series that felt as if they had come to an end but kept going. Dragon Ball would be the best example. That could of ended after Volume 16, but that’s when Toriyama introduced us to theSaiyans. That’s when the comedy-adventure series became a true shonen fighter and went on for many more years. BLEACH really felt as if it could’ve ended after Ichigo’s victory over Aizen, but they stripped away all of Ichigo’s uber-powers and it’s only now having it’s mandatory Shonen Jump time skip. Along the way, Kubo is explaining the source of Chad’spowers at last. After Naruto defeats Sasuke and becomes Hokage. I can’t really see Kishimoto taking this series into space. They don’t even have cars in this world. Would this series be as interesting reading about Naruto as Hokage, and the world brought into a peaceful balance? What are your thoughts on the direction the series is heading?



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