More Details About Anime Hunter X Hunter

More information were verified concerning this Fall’s new Hunter x Hunter TV series in this week’s Weekly Shonen Jump.  First, Madhouse would be the animation studio which will manage development on the series.
Second, the TV series may premiere on October 2nd via NTV at 10: 55 AM JST. This follows earlier confirmation of the series via leaked store instructions in front of the launch of the 29th volume this week in Japan and the continuation of the manga in this week’s issue. [via Saouri’s Window]

Up-date: Based on Mantan Web, the new series might be a new adaptation of the manga and will neglect both the 1999 pilot OVA and TV series as well as the subsequent OVA episodes. Hiroshi Koujina will lead the anime, Jun Maekawa will write the script, Takahiro Yoshimatsu is developing the characters while Toshio Nakatani is supervising production.


Source : Tabsie


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