Inazuma Eleven Go

Type: TV
Episodes: Unknown
Status: Not yet aired
Aired: May 4, 2011 to ?
Producers: Unknown
Genres: Shounen, Sports, Super Power
Duration: Unknown

Plot :

Matsukaze Tenma, a first year who loves soccer, has exceptional dribbling skills, but still has lots of room for improvement. The story starts with him entering Raimon Jr. High ten years after the first Football Frontier International, where Raimon has become famous for its soccer. However, an organization called Fifth Sector has taken control of soccer over the years, and the passion that Raimon once had for soccer is no longer there.

Character :

Tenma Matsukaze

Seiyuu : Yuka Terasaki

Matsukaze Tenma, a first year who loves soccer, is the new leading protagonist. His skills still need lots of development, but at least his dribbling is exceptional. He has a habit of saying “It’ll work out somehow.” The story starts with him entering Raimon Jr. High 10 years after the first FFI.

Endou Mamoru

Seiyuu : Junko Takeuchi

Mamoru Endo is the captain of his team and plays in the goal keeper position but also play as libero.He is the type of person who never gives up and his teammates benefit from his mental strength and encouragement. Mamoru always think of others before himself. He also shows great admiration toward his grandfather Daisuke, which was also one of greatest goal keepers around when he was alive.
His hissatsu include:
[Season one] God Hand, Nekketsu Punch, Bakeretsu Punch, Inazuma One (with Gouenji), Inazuma One Drop (with Kabeyama and Gouenji), Tri-Pegasus (with Ichinose and Domon), The Phoenix (with Ichinose and Domon), Triple Defense (with Kurimatsu and Kabeyama) Majin The Hand and Inazuma Break (with Kidou and Gouenji).
[Season two] Fist of Justice(G1, G2, G3), Megaton Head, Death Zone (with Kidou and Domon), Death Zone V2 (with Kidou and Domon) and The Earth (with the rest of the Raimon team).
[Season three] Fist of Justice (G4 and G5),Hammer of Wrath, Ijigen the Hand, Hammer of Wrath V2, Ijigen the Hand Remastered, True Ijigen the Hand and God Catch.
[Movie] Omega The Hand.

Kyousuke Tsurugi

He hates soccer even though he is talented at it above the rest.


Inazuma Eleven GO! – 01 (TX 1280×720 x264 AAC).mp4[raw]

Source : myanimelist


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